" This is my second time using ProAuthenticators the 1st time they help me save $600 on a fake. Second time is a charm I bought a petit noe in great condition and price and it is authentic. I will definitely use you next time and recommend my family & friends to you. "
Ines C Espino
" They are top notch and fast via Messenger. Even on a Sunday evening I received a reply within minutes. I’m not sure if this is the norm but I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you for the peace of mind! "
Bryan Plouffe
" Fast and reliable! Based on my experience they’re the best so far! I would highly recommend them if you’re buying Preloved bag and need answer right away cause they respond quickly! Reasonable price too!!! "
Claudine Santos
" Purchasing my first Louis Vuitton and was leery of being scammed. Having the purse authenticated within a matter of minutes on a Sunday afternoon sure put my mind to rest. Thank you! Highly recommend. "
Shelly Moore
" Excellent and fast customer service!!! I will certainly be back! If you need your Louis Vuitton authenticated for peace of mind, this is the place. 🙂 Thanks so much! "
Ashley B. Swanson
" ProAuthenticators was so easy to work with! It was well worth the money to get something in writing to authenticate my beautiful new bag! Thank you, I will absolutely, without a doubt and without hesitation, use you again and again! "
Jeanette Negron
" Im so impressed by their fast service! Within less than an hour they we’re able to reply to me. I’m new to buying preloved item and it was my first time to purchase one so I was nervous. It’s worth it knowing that what you are buying is real or not. I highly recommend them!!! "
Vanessa Muncada
" Super easy and prompt response. Everything was complete within 10 min's from contact to sending pic's, to getting my answer and my letter! I messaged another company at the same time and still haven't heard back from them...that was yesterday. A+++ "
Krista Barecchia Kontzamanys
" I wasn’t sure how to price my handbags that I’m not longer using. They responded quickly and answered my questions as a new seller. The service was exactly what I needed to feel confident that I would get the best value when I sell my bags. Highly recommended! "
Jasmine Eboigbe
" They've authenticated 3 bags for me so far. I am super happy with the timelines provided each time. They got back to me within 2-5 minutes or less. Puts my mind at ease when making an expensive purchase that you hope the seller is being honest about. "
Caitlin Ornelas Perez

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