If you are one of those millions of buyers who love Louis Vuitton handbags & accessories and love buying pre-owned, and not want to spend your hard earned money on counterfeit items, you have come to the right place! You maybe interested in buying a pre-owned Louis Vuitton on eBay or any other resale sites or even overseas and want to make sure the item is authentic, or you may already have an item which you want to resell and want to make sure it is authentic, or you bought an item and want to return it for a refund and provide proof that it’s counterfeit, and many other instances….we are here to help!
  • We provide proof of authentication

Many of you already know the fact that Louis Vuitton store does not authenticate items. It is against their policy to authenticate any item because of liability issues. The sales associates there are not trained to authenticate, they are just there to sell the merchandise. An authentication service like us can help you if you are individual buyer or reseller or even a consignment place.  We provide proof of authentication which can be used in many different forms, as in to open a claim against fraud, provide proof against false claims, or just include the proof with your sale to make your buyer confident about purchasing your item!

  • We are a group of Louis Vuitton experts

We are a group of Louis Vuitton experts who have already made our marks in many public forums as “go-to authenticators” for Louis Vuitton. We have a dedicated team who are well versed with the brand all the way from vintage to current models. We take utmost care to do our research before giving our verdicts. We educate and re-educate ourselves to keep up with the increasing requests of counterfeit identification.

  • We really understand customers depend on us and trust us

We also provide valuable advice on pricing your item for sale and identification of certain rare to find items. It is our main priority to be 100% sure about what we deliver. We really understand customers depend on us and trust us with their hard earned money, and we understand we are talking about thousands of dollars. So we do not do guesswork, we deliver accuracy. So let us help you make your buying/selling a breeze and take away all the hesitations and worries that are associated with each such transaction. What are you waiting for? Drop us a message and we will get right to work!

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