Louis Vuitton Authentication Service/Pricing

Verbal Authentication $10

Via Facebook Messenger, E-mail or Text

Authenticity Letter $20

E-mailed pdf File

Authenticity Letter $25

Custom Printed Card Mailed Out

Authenticity Letter $35

Insurance/Appraisal Purposes

Authenticity Letter $70

Detailed Reasoning for Claims/Disputes

Item Identification: $5
Pricing Estimation: $10 ($5 if combined with authentication)
For all items prior to 1990 (vintage): Extra $5 per service

Choose your service

Item Identification $5.00 USD
Pricing Estimation: $5 Combined with authentication
For all items prior to 1990 (vintage): Extra $5 per service

How It Works


Choose your option and payment with PayPal using above option form and payment button. Click at Facebook icon link to our Facebook page and send us a message by clicking the “send message” button on our page


If you do not have Facebook, please send us an email at proauthenticators@gmail.com and please mention that you have made payment and attach all your photos there.


Response time is faster on our Facebook page. Email replies might take 30-45 minutes. But we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

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