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ProAuthenticators, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation governed under the laws of Florida.The “buyer(s)” herein referred to is any person(s) who pays a fee to ProAuthenticators, LLC for any of the services they provide.  Please read our Terms of Service prior to purchasing any services from ProAuthenticators, LLC.
Services provided by ProAuthenticators, LLC are provided by knowledgeable and skilled professionals with years of collecting, buying, selling, and hands on experience with the Louis Vuitton brand. The determinations of each authentication, identification, appraisal or any service provided, is the opinion and/or determination by skilled expert authenticator(s) of ProAuthenticators, LLC.
The services provided are based upon the buyer’s purchase order information provided; that being the photos and description of each item submitted. The buyer(s) has the right to seek additional evaluations from other skilled authenticators as they deem necessary. ProAuthenticators, LLC does not make or provide any warranties, express or implied, or insurance about the reliability and accuracy of the outcome of any services provided.
ProAuthenticators, LLC are not held liable for any loss resulting from their opinions rendered. By agreeing to use the authentication services of ProAuthenticators, LLC, buyer(s) agree to hold ProAuthenticators, LLC harmless for any loss associated with our assessment of any Louis Vuitton item. ProAuthenticators, LLC shall not be held accountable, liable or responsible should the opinion of ProAuthenticators, LLC regarding an order or service be disagreed upon by a non-affiliated or third party opinion. ProAuthenticators, LLC shall not issue a refund for any service or order purchased should the Louis Vuitton item in question be found or determined non-authentic or ‘fake’ by way of a non-affiliated or third party opinion.
Should ProAuthenticators, LLC determine the item in question is ‘unable to evaluate,’ a refund will be issued in the same form and payment method as the original order was purchased. ProAuthenticators, LLC will not refund any service or order purchased should the buyer(s) not be able to provide accurate and visible photos within three (3) days of the service or order purchase.
All arbitration and mediation shall be governed pursuant to the laws of the state of Florida. By agreeing to use the authentication services of Pro Authenticators, LLC, buyer(s) agree to all terms of service pursuant to this agreement.

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