Authentication Tips

Microchipped Louis Vuitton

Every Louis Vuitton lover has this question now! How do we authenticate a microchipped Louis Vuitton without a date code?

Well… to be honest, nothing much has changed in terms of authenticating Louis Vuitton with or without microchip. The authentication process is still the same! Date code was or is not the only factor for authentication. It is more than that.

We as one of the best Louis Vuitton authenticators require our clients to send us very detailed pictures. We mainly need CLEAR photos of the heat stamp, whole item front and back and interior, closer photo of the stitching and engraving on the hardware, AND date code or send date code location even if it’s newer model with chip. What we mean date code location is, every Louis Vuitton model has had a specific spot for date code before they stopped putting date codes, so we just want to see that spot.

So don’t be under the impression that if there is no date code, the bag is a counterfeit or it cannot be authenticated.

We at ProAuthenticators authenticate vintage to current Louis Vuitton, even the ones with a microchip. Get your items authenticated by the best Louis Vuitton authenticators for that peace of mind!